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ALF Climb Assist Pulley

Retractable type fall arresters for climbing ladders or other structures


The Alf is designed for securing when climbing ladders or other structures. With a deflection in the bottom area, the device can even be used in the endless loop. The housing is anodized aluminum and thus extremely light and at the same time robust, the swivel on the suspension eye acts as an attachment point. The ALF is tested and approved with static rope according to EN 1891 Form A, diameter 10.5-11 mm. The rope can be replaced independently. With the standard belay, the rope must be pulled through from the other side. The device can be used in sports and recreation as well as in occupational safety.

  • Standard: EN 360:2002
  • Number of persons: 1
  • Temperature range from: -35 °C
  • Temperature range up to: 45 °C
  • Weight: 1.21 kg
  • Material: ALUMINIUM