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Robin Hub

Abseiling and rescue device with lifting function


The standard device MARK Robin Hub from MARK Save A Life offers a multitude of possible uses for different rescue scenarios such as height rescue, when working at great heights and for the quick rescue of several people, as two people can be lowered and lifted at the same time).

MARK Robin Hub can be used as a shuttle system or by active and passive rescue. Descent can be regulated with the eyebolts. Using the automatic brake stop or the rope clamp, the descent can be stopped at any time.

Using the hand wheel you can lift up to 225kg (2 people), in addition you can use the electric screw driver for lifting longer distances. With the optional Descent Stop Button it is possible to fix the device in height without using the eye bolts.

Note: For varying heights, the MARK Robin Hub is available in combination with the KONG Duck rope clamp. The compact MARK Infini Box packaging provides more protection of our rescue devices.

Technical details:

  • Certification: ANSI Z359.4:2013
  • Special features: Optional with Descent Stop Button or rope clamp
  • Max. Load: 225 kg
  • Max. descent height: 500 m at 225 kg
  • Max. lifting height: 500 m at 225 kg
  • Descent speed: 1m/sec. (85kg) and 1.5m/sec. (170kg)
  • Brake system:Automatic, redundant brake system with 2 fly wheel brakes, brake drums made of steel.
  • Rope: MARK Kernmantlerope ø 9,6mm acc. EN 1891-A (EN 341, EN 1496, ANSI Z359.4) MARK Kernmantlerope ø 9,6mm till ø 11mm acc. EN 1891-A (EN 12841)
  • Material: steel/aluminum combination
  • Carabiner: automatic aluminium carabiner, others upon request
  • Connector battery screw driver: Hexagon 10mm (as standard)
  • Inspection interval: Regular checks depending on use (see instruction of use), but at least every 12 months