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MARK Descent

Abseiling device with increased abseiling speed especially for high ropes courses


Mark Descent – abseiling device with increased abseiling speed for high ropes courses. The Mark Descent is a pure descender without pull-in. It is set up in pendulum mode and can serve abseil distances of up to 150 m, depending on the installed rope length. The two ends of the rope should be connected with a rope cord and a deflection point on the ground to prevent possible misuse. Anchor points can be C-Connect, Tweezle O or just a one-hand carabiner. It is certified according to EN 341 type 1 and has a rappelling speed of max 2m/s. The suspension means consists of a 9.8 mm static rope. With weather protection hood, it can also be operated outdoors. The minimum user weight is 20 kg.

The price includes:

  • 2 pcs. Carabiner
  • sewn rope ends
  • Rope thimbles
  • Seam protection

The device must be checked and the steel rope replaced at least once a year or every 10,000 abseiling meters either by the manufacturer or KristallTurm®.